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DAO & 1MDAO Fund

About 1 Million DAO
DAO & 1MDAO Fund
30% of the PinkSale collected BNB will be sent to the 1 Million DAO Fund wallet. This BNB will be managed by the DAO which, based on votes, will decide how to distribute and spend it (investing in other projects, staking, in-game rewards, move-2-earn rewards etc).
DAO, formed with our holders, will make the key decisions contributing to the project development.
Choose the management strategy of the 1 Million DAO fund. It will be formed by the collected BNB at the presale at the Pink Sale.
For example, if 1 Million DAO collects 1,000 BNB, the distribution of these funds will be as follows: 51% to liquidity (BNB/OMD), 19% to the Team, 30% to the 1 Million DAO fund.
Overall, the 1MDAO Fund receives 300 BNB for management.
These funds can't be distributed among all DAO members, but the members can decide on the further strategies of the funds distribution inside or outside the project, like staking or investing in other fundamental projects with the following profit distribution among DAO members.
Influence on "play to earn" and "move to earn" strategies. Choose marketing strategies that are beneficial to the project Influence interest rate accrual in the Rebase Auto-Staking protocol
DAO participants will be selected by the balance snapshot.
DAO members and the amount of tokens for participation will be determined 7 days after listing on PancakeSwap.
The decision will be made by voting. Participation in DAO is available for users with the balance of 100+ $OMD tokens at the end of snapshot week. For example each 100 tokens $OMD in the wallet equals 1 vote.
For example, a participant with 500 tokens $OMD in their wallet will have 5 votes.
20% of the profits will be distributed among the NFT collection holders.
IMPORTANT! NFT holders cannot vote unless their balance is 100+ $OMD tokens!
1MDAO wallet: 0xac7a3b899015eecc56420f545465bad794d80666